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Jake » 6:18pm 05-07-2010
... I hope you find her soon and well. Cant believe something like this can happen...
Donna » 1:17am 04-17-2010
I read this story and it is HEART_BREAKING, There has to be somebody that knows something, or they don't have a HEART, just think of her 3 little kids, her family, I can't imagine how you must be feeling.I hope you find Melanie soon, I will be praying for her safe return.
Amy » 2:47pm 01-15-2010
hopefully we can make thiss year better sandy i miss her everyday we need answers ..
Sandra Metheny » 7:18am 12-27-2009
I am so sick of this bull...I hope you all are haunted until death....never in my life have i met people that dont care about no one, big, little ,small or large well its gonna come back on you that much i know and not going to be as long as you think either there will be no Merry Christmas and theirs not going to be for you either I got so much infromation and im getting ready to blasted it
Sandra Metheny » 7:06am 12-27-2009
Leisa » 5:07pm 12-10-2009
I love you Melanie. Here it is almost Christmas again and we still don't know where you are or what has happened to you. Christmas will never be a time of joy for your family long as you are not with us. Always know that we will spend the rest of our lives trying to find you and what happened on that awful day July 19 2006. I love you Mel and we will not stop until we can bring you home.
Aunt Leisa
Sandra Metheny » 5:37pm 11-04-2009
come on people lets talk.....you might let something slip!!!!!!!!!!!are you scared??????????????
Sandy » 8:34am 11-03-2009
kiss this » 7:51am 11-03-2009
Melanie i guess no one cares....but i promised i;d see this through and i will but the answers are not downtown Charleston...for all you liars out there i hope you are haunted everyday of your life...there will be an end just not th way you people think....dont ever call me again dont ever ask me nothing else im sure i could have done a better job if you hadent even been involved now if you dont understand maybe you can spend the next 39 months tryin to figure it out cause thats what i think of you
Sandra Metheny » 7:43am 11-03-2009
Well good luck on this cold case dont do no good to call downtown to kcso you get the run around dont matter that you been talking to someone for over 3 years its none of your business where they are.. but gone you give lead after lead and they tell you to find out the infromation for them then they tell you it happens all the time just.. to bad get over it ...ive never been told so many lies or had people skirt around the truth in my whole 63 years fine justice system we have here in Kanawha county for all whos reading i hope to GOD you dont really need any help cause then you'll know for sure what im talking about and thanks for nothing ld Im going to get a private invesgator outta this town callinf DC and any and everyone i can get in touch with after 39 months so sorry kcso its not going away which is what your looking and hoping for
kiss this » 2:48pm 11-01-2009
I guess there never was a Melanie Metheny i dont know where RYAN NATHAN or Hannah came from....maybe a bunch of lies....that seems 2 be the way of the world today.....so good luck u buch of bastards
Sandra Metheny » 10:04am 11-01-2009
you bunch of low life....i cant wait till you get to find out....i hope you lose everything and everyone you love....keep your mouth shut.... to save your ass.... trash.... trash.... trash.... all of you.... and you do know who you are
Sandra Metheny » 9:48pm 10-29-2009
Please dear heavenly father please show us and give us the answers on finding whats happened to Melanie we all know and our trust is in you we ask of you in JESUS NAME AMEN
Sandra Metheny » 3:59pm 10-28-2009
I"m still holding on
Sandra Metheny » 11:03pm 10-27-2009
Oh Melanie how much i love you....Ryan Nathan and your special little girl Hannah trust and believe there will be no rest for the ones involved in this MESS and i do mean MESS this ole whole is so far gone and most in it........ I gotta hang around awhile my jobs not done that much i promise you
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Messages: 46 until 60 of 224
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