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Gh » 5:18am 09-13-2010
Few Things:

This past July the sheriffs dept had reported that they have new leads on her disappearance. What were those leads?

Did anyone run the plates on the mystery red SUV, the one that bill had stated a few numbers of?

Since Jason Holsteins imprisonment has anyone went back and asked him any questions about her?

What about Jared Davis? Is he still not talking?

Does Sandra still have Melanie's van?

Supposedly (again I get all my info through research so please correct me if Im wrong) Sandra met with an anonymous person who said they knew the location of Melanies body, somewhere up witcher creek. However when Sherrifs Dept checked it out, they found nothing....So who was this person she met with, and where about up witcher was this suppose to be?

What was the end result of this chat log http://findmelanie.com/chat-log.htm , did they ever investigate or find anything?

Some of these questions are hard, so if nobody wants to answer them I can understand, but 4 years of going nowhere and now were knocking on the door of 2011, sometimes playing it safe is not always the best route to go...
Sandra Metheny » 1:14pm 09-08-2010
Well its another day...... been to town getting answers on leads getting ready to go find the children.... since cant hear from anyone Melanie was real... if u dont believe go to facebook or helpfindthemissing or just google Melanie Metheny and find all u need or CUE CENTER its everywhere and i'll never stop nor would u if it was one of yours
Sandra Metheny » 5:32am 09-08-2010
Well 4 years and almost 2 months later we still not exactly sure what happened to Melanie Metheny........but I know for sure that the ones that were around her day in and day out have to know ..... where they went and what they were doing....who they were seeing and for what reason (Drugs) well there are 3 babies that dont have a mother .....Melanies brothers got stabbed Michael almost died... the house was burned down.....and u people or should i say trash cuz thats what u are.......was it burned cuz might be something there to connect u with this horrible crime well its been way to much for me ...but im still hanging in and will till I cant take another breathe.. so keep on partying and having your fun and dont forget im just around the corner you didnt spend days with Melanie and not know something ...thats not the way it works...well good luck with your life because trust and believe your gonna need it......these children are all big enough now they startin to ask questions....so thers 3 more lifes that are ruined so if you think its going away ........ the answer is NEVER
Sandra Metheny » 10:43pm 09-06-2010
Hey gh check out help find the missing.......all kinds of information there....I'd love to talk with u....u wont get in any trouble.. I'll take the blame anyway 4 years later it dont matter cuz i know a lot just need help geting people talking but its goin on...If you type in Melanie Metheny you'll find all kinds of info just google it looking forward to meeting u if indeed I dont already know you....not many around Belle i dont know anyway thanks for reading and caring.....GOD IS GOOD
Sandra Metheny » 11:16pm 09-05-2010
ok people if i dont start getting some answers from the leads that r out there the next time i write in here gonna be naming names......
Gh » 6:51am 09-04-2010
To: Bill M

Thank you so much for sharing this info, this is priceless information that I could never find by digging around, and the sherrifs dept would not release any non public info to me. Im just taking notes at this point and just want to try and snoop around to see what I can find. Already my own gut is pointing me in the direction of suspiscions, but I have to tread carefully and not make any false accusations and get into any legal troubles.

To Sandra:

Maybe one day we can meet up, one day when I actively start pursuing leads, I am just in a gathering phase at the moment. But I must tell you advance, Im nothing special, just a citizen that cant get this off his mind, because it hits close to home. I'm not in law enforcement, and by all means I am not a PI. However to tell you how close to home it hit, I lived on midland ave. from 2002-2008, so between her going missing, stabbings, and the house fire (I ran down in my PJs and saw it, so sad) it relates to the street that I used to live on, and in fact have family still living on that street. I myself moved in 08 to the middle of belle. I just have an insatiable urge to get more information about this. Until then I will keep checking back with this guest book and the web sites.
Sandra Metheny » 7:51am 08-24-2010
Theres a rally foe the missing at the W Hamlin Elementary School in Hamlin W V at 6:30 on Wednesday the 25th......included is Melanie Metheny....Jason .Scott Adkins and Samamtha Burns......thanks for your support..
Sandra Metheny » 7:23pm 08-19-2010
Gh this is Melanies grandmother.....i sure would like 2 talk to u i live around hrere also.....maybe if we all pull together we can get some answers we desperatly need....lokking forward to hearing from you
Bill M » 7:32am 08-16-2010
Gh: The red Ford Explorer, license plates, 9EY 735 or 7EY 935 (as seen by Sandra, was first noticed at around 6PM about 50 feet from Air Gas, where, oddly enough, the father of Melanie's youngest was taking a smoke break. He claimed, and I was there when he retold this to a PI, that he heard a woman with Melanie's voice crying out, "But what about my babies" from within the SUV. At the time, he did not yet know that Melanie had been missed and that their two young children had not been picked up at the Day Care. Sandra returned soon afterward to try to copy down the license plate number, but was confronted by a very big and angry male (owner?) of the SUV and only got a partial. That is the only red Ford Explorer sighting, unless the vehicle into which a "messed up" Melanie lookalike was pulled (as witnessed by two nearby residents) was one and the same vehicle (pure conjecture, but they did mention red SUV.) Melanie's van was also seen on the West side around 1PM the day she disappeared, spotted by a Campbell's Creek resident quite used to seeing her US license plate. Melanie's van was, as related by people who were seriously hassled by KCSD, stopped between Wednesday and Sunday by the same police with the same individuals in her van who had previously stolen it! Talk about politically correct, there is much to be gone over in this case, but NOT by local police, who are as deeply compromised by their shoddy investigation, favoritism in their lack of interrogation of material witnesses, for instance a lady with the initials of CA, and their snitch and snort network who probably know who where what and how but have been terrorized into silence. The FBI needs to take control of this case, because much more than the disappearance of a 21 year-old mother of three, damaged by abusive relationships and drugs is involved in the abduction and disappearance of Melanie Metheny.
Gh » 6:23am 08-07-2010
I dont know why all of a sudden I am interested in this again, but I am. Maybe because I am a lifetime belle resident, or maybe just because this is something that hit so close to home it triggers my needs to solve puzzles. However I think we need to start sharing more information, 4 years later there is no need to be politically correct about people that may have info. For example, who is the friend that thinks they saw her in a red SUV on the west side? Names? and exactly what kind of SUV was it. It cant be that hard to identify. During that time frame did anyone check cameras or DVR's of any establishment within a 2 mile radius looking for any or all red SUVS (it may be tedious but effective). Maybe I might start poking my nose around a little more, there is something about getting closure to a family that drives me...
Bill M » 3:28pm 08-04-2010
Why did KCSD shield one of Melanie's female companions from interrogation and interview for more than two years after the fact?
Question: Why did another close companion leave Charleston within months of Melanie's disappearance and return only incognito and only for very short stays?
Question: Where are the people today who helped Melanie celebrate her last (21st) birthday above a local furniture store? How many of them have left the State with things on their hearts and minds?
Why did Melanie's live-in companion refuse, more than once, to help search for her the night she did not come home with her children?
Why did this same companion remain totally aloof and detached from searches until her car was found on the West Side?
Why was Melanie being escorted by a male neighbor, and not to the Day Care Center the evening she went missing?
Is their a connection with the young mother who was trying to escape from inside a red Ford Explorer crying out, "But what about my babies?" the same evening she disappeared?
Why did it take KCSD until Sunday to find Melanie's minivan when they knew it had been spotted in West Charleston as early as noon Wednesday? And when there had been several credible sightings of Melanie in the 4 days previous to that Sunday?
Why won't the same KCSD, who have done nothing for years to find Melanie, turn her case over to the FBI and its missing persons division?
Bill M » 11:14pm 08-02-2010
There are people who spent time with Melanie the day before she disappeared and they know exactly why and maybe even how she was abducted. She was not going to Garnet Career Center "to see about her transcript" because her transcript was already at WVState U. She dropped her kids off at the Day Care Center because she knew they might be in danger. She tried to get at least two close aquaintances to go with her that day, but they APPARENTLY REFUSED. She bought two juices for the kids and drove to where friends and family lived. THEN she disappeared. People know, Sandra is right. And they will never have peace of mind until they tell what they know.
Leisa » 8:38am 06-21-2010
here it is June 21st again, so that means it is your birthday again Melanie
you are another year older and we still don't have any answers. Oh Mel we miss you so very much. I can not believe it is almost 4 years now since you have dissapeared from our lives and we are no closer to knowing what happened.
I was home in may Melanie and I saw Ryan while I was there he has grown so much, he is a young man now. He looks alot like your brothers.
I love you Mel I want to say happy birthday to you but it can never be a happy birthday again without you.
I love you
Aunt Leisa
diane » 12:50am 06-15-2010
sandra- maybe you could reach out to a political person.in office or running that is. this is an election year. maybe they will b willing to help.there are additional money sources available through different agencies.-for stuff like private inv. and other expen.maybe even a victims advocate group 4 more solutions. turn your anger into power.
Deanna Parsons » 3:23am 06-04-2010
I live in Kanawha City in WV and i'm the same age as Melanie. I have been following this case since she went missing. This truely breaks my heart and i pray for her all the time. Having a young child of my own i can't imagine how this has affected her beautiful babies. Somebody would have to know something. People need to come forward so this family can have closure. I'll be praying for a safe return. God Bless!!!
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