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sarah » 11:27pm 02-21-2011
hopefully we were talking about the same jason holstein again i am so sorry your family has to be put through this
sarah » 10:46pm 02-21-2011
I don't know anyone involved in this case but I seen someone talking about jason holstein I went to beauty school with him and talked to him some he always did seem like there was something off with him and almost two years ago he was involved in a murder maybe now that he will be in jail for sometime its a good chance to see if he really does know something he has nothing to lose now just trying to help god bless her family I hope she is found and someone brought to justice
dede keene » 2:26pm 01-16-2011
can you create a FLYER with CASE # AND INVESTIGATOR INFO On it slightly larger then the one you have on front page??
DeDe & Dale Keene
terry hughes » 1:30am 12-05-2010
i hope and pray for her safe return. what happened to mel.
Sandra Metheny » 7:08am 11-25-2010
ILOVEand miss you so much melanie metheny
BillM » 11:20pm 10-11-2010
You are right that I really can't divulge identities.

Let's just say that Melanie's 4 year-old's testimony about where the three of them went together has been independently confirmed by an adult, while the nine year old's testimony, which was widely accepted as being trustworthy, was apparently coached by someone this child would commit perjury for.

The police had no way of knowing this was happening, since the nine year old's interview with them, two years post abduction, was not polygraphed. Melanie went first to Midland Avenue, why we can only speculate about, maybe to pick up her half sister, then she drove to the 7-11 for Bug Juices, then to the Day Care center to drop off her two youngest, and then, we presume although it is not a certainty, to drop off the nine year old at the grandmother's place (not Melanie's grandman, though).

If you want more precise information, which is pretty much known by everyone on Midland Avenue by now, just communicate with Granny Sandra. The children must be protected..

As far as getting the truth at this point from the nine-year old, she is too closely supervised or guarded to do that..may have to wait until she is 19 and on her own for her to have the courage to tell the truth that must be burned into her memories.

However, she was likely the last friendly fce that Melanie Metheny ever saw.
gh » 2:15am 10-09-2010
Bill who, now i understand about protecting childrens identities, even though I do think you guys should be more liberal about everything else, however, give us some more details on this. WHY was the 3rd child in the van? Whos child was it? (be vague here family member, friend, etc.) Where was the drop off location of the child prior to Melanie taking her kids to day care..., is this child inter viewable at all or was interviewed 4 years ago>?
BillM » 11:50am 10-06-2010
Sandra has reminded me that a youngster of 4 years of age at the time, has always asserted the very thing that has just been independently confirmed: There were THREE children in the van when Melanie went to Midland Avenue that morning. That has always been the testimony and now it has been confirmed. Shame on the adults, and especially the KCOUNTY Sheriff's variety, for not trusting the eye witness testimony we have had all along. Especially when it has been solidly confirmed by a credible, reliable adult set of eyes, by someone who had Melanie in their house from when Melanie was a child. I hope the KCSD will finally get down to doing the background interviews they should have done 4 years ago. For shame.
BillM » 10:16pm 10-02-2010
To gh and Melanie's friends:
We are now getting a clearer picture of Melanie's last outing with her "kids" on the morning of July 19th 2006. But why she came to Midland Avenue at around 7:40 AM with THREE KIDS in the back of the van remains a total mystery.
Was she there to pick up another passenger before dropping off the kids? And why the hurry? Why come there first and not last? Why not drop off the kids at the center or get them their Bug Juices at the 7-11 first, instead of 3rd and 2nd respectively.
And where did she go after dropping off her two youngest children? Believe it or not, there is one person who knows, a person the family has not been allowed to interview...but someday, it will happen, hopefully someday soon.
There is also the possibility that Melanie's trip to Midland has no direct connection with the reason she disappeared, other than at some point someone started following her van.
We are thankful for the people who have stepped forward to tell about the Melanie they knew. If you would like to add your perceptions, please contact Sandra via this forum.
gh » 4:58am 10-01-2010
No Im sorry Im not a gena hodge and I apologize for the delay in email, I had a few things come up. you will see one from me soon, I really want to help, but am trying to free some things up
Sandra Metheny » 11:39am 09-29-2010
hey ...Gena Hodge
gh » 6:09am 09-25-2010
Bill I will be emailing Sandra soon. As you can tell by the time of my post I work an odd shift. Maybe we can brainstorm soon.
BillM » 11:39pm 09-22-2010
A timeline for July 19th 2006

It is unlikely that Melanie got much sleep the night before she disappeared. At any rate, the fact that she was up with the kids dressed before 7:30AM is absolutely atypical of Melanie’s normal summertime routine. This early start is actually a red flag.

She had spent most July 18th, and far into that evening, trying to convince two so-called friends to stay with her the next day: (one a half-sister, the other an “older” woman who played a big role in grooming Melanie for her last and latest male friend.)

At any rate, the male friend’s self-serving, “official” timeline cannot be trusted. Let's just say Melanie left between 7:15 and 7:30, no breakfast, just getting the kids dressed and out the door. She would only need about 20 minutes to get to the Day Care Center, but it took her upwards of an hour to get there. Here is why:

FIRST7:20 ish)
Melanie cut across the shortcut from Campbell's Creek to Dry Branch to drop off Harley at her grandma’s. Melanie chose against leaving her two youngest in the care of her male friend’s sister or sisters, as she had done frequently in better days, when there was trust.

SECOND: She drove down Dry Branch with H and N in back, crossed US 60, turned towards Belle at Malden and went to her grandma’s neighborhood, behind the old Belle High School, to look for her “much older, 50ish” female friend. It was 7:35 ish

There is no known record of Melanie phoning either “friend” at or about 7:30 AM on July 19, 2006. There is no record of her having reached any of these “friends’” numbers or having left a message. The fact that Melanie had to do all of her communication by van and in person points to the possibility that her phone had been confiscated by someone once close to her but who now mistrusted her. Nor is there is any solid proof that the woman’s voice in the 9ish phone call to the body shop was Melanie’s.

(Melanie had spent the entire day before she disappeared trying to get both the “older female friend” and a close kin “friend” to go with her. After hours of discussion, both had to know where she was going to go, what she was going to do and whom she was going to see. Both “friends” were threatened and literally strong-armed and bruised into silence just hours after the abduction. Both have either been ignored or sheltered from investigation for 4 and ½ years. Both are material witnesses, keeping secrets that need to be told.

THIRD: The kids were hungry. Melanie stopped at the (then) 7-11, located just beyond the turn-off to GrandMa’s new house and just before the turn off to the Day Cared Center. According to the personnel who waited on her, Melanie bought Bug Juices for H and N. The kids drank their juices in the back seat while Melanie drove past the turn-off to the Center and continued toward Midland Avenue.

Melanie could have called (if she had her phone) or dropped by grandma’s house (she had passed within two minutes of granny’s new residence) to leave H and N with her, as she had already done several times in those last days. There is even the record of a night out for Melanie and her last male friend, in the last week of her freedom, where Melanie sketched out the evening’s TV programs for the 8 year old child of the same male friend, as the three children were to spend the night with “granny.”

But on the 19th of July, at 7:30 AM, GrandMa would have been tipped off by this unusually early visit from her only grand daughter and her youngest great grand children. Questions would have been asked (there were already suspicions that something was going on) and Melanie may have simply broken down.

So she continued on towards Midland, her “home base” neighborhood, before her ill-fated move-in with her last male friend, looking for someone else other than her grandmother to help. Again, no phone calls to her many “friends” who have since stepped forward with reminiscence: cousins, girlfriends, etc. etc.

FOURTH: Melanie arrived at Midland Avenue 7:50 ish and pulled in to back and turn around between the house (since burned by arson) where her closest kin was staying on July 19th, and the house where her other “related” friend had supposedly spent the night with or without her boyfriend and with or without her own mother (memory problems abound in this case).

HOWEVER! THERE WAS A SPECIFIC REASON THAT BROUGHT MELANIE and her NOT YET 2 year-old daughter and her barely 4 year old son to Midland Avenue with her in her van at about 7:45 AM on a summer’s morning, when most youngsters are still asleep in bed.

That reason has yet to be revealed by those who know. After 4`years and two months, it is time to talk.

Her closest kin, truthfully or not, stated that they did not know that her van was just outside the brown “party house” (since burned to the ground by a next of kin’s new girlfriend who moved in just days after Melanie disappeared), a house which contained many of Melanie’s belongings, a house which served as a meeting place for many reasons, some good, some bad, some illegal, as many of Melanie’s photos attest to, a house Melanie no longer felt was good for her or her 2 youngest.

We must assume that Melanie did not honk, but got out, knocked on the door of the house on the left and waited long enough to either get a refusal from her closest female “friend” or to realize that this friend was not going to come to the door.

Melanie was actually spoken to by one of her Midland Avenue neighbors whose daughter “grew up” with Melanie. They talked about the reason Melanie’s daughter had been given her first name, Melanie standing at the bottom of the stairs, with her youngest probably in her arms, her van behind her and she, the neighbor, at the top. Details are still coming to light four years later for what may have been the last friendly, social communication with Melanie.

Melanie’s van was spotted by another neighbor, a City of Belle employee on their way (by foot) to work, as she (Melanie) was leaving Midland and going in the direction of Belle, via the underpass. Melanie was headed towards the Day Care Center, 8:00 AM ish, where she would lose her “safety screen” as soon as she left her children in day care.

Melanie drove her kids to the Day Care Center as a last resort, after having tried to replace the safe escort of her children with the “friends” she had been recruiting for almost 24 hours. Now she knew that she had no shield. It is not likely that either friend was with Melanie when she disappeared. If either of them had been with her, they too would have most likely disappeared.

SIXTH: Whatever happened to Melanie Metheny occurred perhaps as soon as she next stopped her vehicle, after leaving the day care parking lot.

SEVENTH: By the time of the 1st phone call, the initial abduction had probably already taken place. The 2nd call was to erase her messages. It is unclear as to who made those calls, but it seems likely that the cover-up was already in operation.

The sad fact of the matter is that by the time Melanie left the Midland Avenue address to move in with her last male escort, she had already been introduced to the hard bargain of drugs for sex. Melanie had had to make the humiliating choice to depend on a “family friend” for transportation and for “social drugs” (see the Gazette article), while her van was being repaired from the joy ride theft, and this individual demanded and received his end of the double bargain.

Word filtered up to Melanie’s last male friend that a young, attractive and “needy” mother of three would need a sugar daddy, and they were soon introduced by the daughter of Melanie’s so-called “older female friend,” the same one who refused to accompany Melanie the day she most needed company. This “introduction” occurred, ironically enough, on the VERY DAY Melanie wrote the Spokes paper on how much her children meant to her, a paper that you can read at findmelanie.com.

Another rumored allegation has Melanie standing by a dumpster with the teenager (at the time) who had allegedly stolen her van for the joy ride already mentioned. This would have been 9AMish the day she disappeared.

Another allegation has the assumed girlfriend of the alleged joy rider being jealous to the point of homicide. When or how this may have occurred has never been described in any detail.

At any rate, hanging out with her stalker was probably not Melanie's goal or mission that day. It had to be something far riskier than that, something involving the exchange of drugs and/or money. It is possible Melanie was abducted even before the “planned” transaction occurred, and perhaps as a double-cross. It is possible she survived the initial abduction, but for how long?

It seems clearer and clearer that Melanie was set up. She most likely had become a threat, burden or liability to someone supposedly close to her. Melanie may have discovered drug-related, and/or drug clan secrets she was not supposed to know, much less object to. It seems plausible that someone close to her wanted her gone from their life.

It is now clear that these “close” people made guilt stained and half-hearted efforts to show how much they cared about this young mother: too little and several months too late, and without revealing their depth of involvement.

Melanie was probably “handled” by like-minded associates in West Charleston (where both her van and she were spotted on more than one occasion). REMEMBER THE RED FORD EXPLORER AND THE YOUNG MOTHER CRYING OUT FOR MERCY FOR HER CHILDREN’S SAKES?

Many of these same friends and “close people” know to this day what happened to Melanie and perhaps even where she might be 4 years and two months later.
Sandra Metheny » 6:54am 09-22-2010
Well 50 months now and everyone acts like there never was a Melanie Metheny....i have given lead after lead and I get no answers ..well news flash im not gonna stop and im comin out so someone gonna talk..no JD has never talked and theres so many others that havent also Gh please call me 395 6130 u dont have to havent anything lined up i need help its like everyones been shutup theres no way people keep their mouths shut this long makes you wonder just exactly who is behind this....well i got my ideas and ive been in this valley for years they may not talk but they cant take away what i know and Melanies van is here in my yard by the way that cost 5 hundred dollars to get out because they had it towed to nitro after they had it for there use ....said was wiped clean....but had also been sitting downtown since wed afternoon...come on which way is it cant be both the names gonna start flyin if i dont get some help...people wont talk cuz they have to admit drug use well guess what everyone already knows you and who u are but why wont they bother u....now thats my big questions and i got the answers for that also so give me a call and if the shoe fits wear it ...
Bill M » 7:45pm 09-14-2010
To Gh:
Thank you for the encouragement and another set of eyes. You really should speak with Sandra soon, no need to wait until all your ducks are lined up. Especially any recollections you may have of Melanie and whoever may have been living in the burned house in mid-July 2006, living in or using the house for you can imagine which 5 letter word. Also any recollection you may have of Melanie's birthday party (June 21st) over a certain furniture store in Belle, any recollection you have of who was partying hearty just hours after she disappeared and kept partying instead of searching. Also any information you have about Melanie's life on Midland Avenue...this all needs to be turned over to Sandra ASAP. Too many people were acting as if nothing had happened for days after she disappeared, as if screaming babies with no Mom is nothing to be concerned about. Also who would have threatened/injured into silence two of Melanie's closest friends immediately after her disappearance? Please, if you have any information on these topics, share it in person with Sandra ASAP. I'm sure you know where she lives. God Bless your efforts to find Melanie and to raise the awareness.
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