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Eric » 7:36pm 03-31-2013
Was watching the NASCAR race and as soon as it was over there was a missing persons show. I saw Melanie's picture and some info on her and looked it up on here. I have seen that it gives hope to you all to have her info out there and I just want to say that its still out there even after all this long. I am also sending prayers and thoughts your way as well as for her. God bless and I hope you can find her!
Replied on: 7:37pm 03-31-2013
Thank you so very much
The family of Melanie Metheny
Sandi » 10:33pm 01-09-2013
I didn't know Melanie but I have been following this story since it happened. It breaks my heart that Melanie has not been found. I am baffled by the police not solving this case. Regardless of what she "may or may not" have been into Melaine is someone's mother, daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, cousin......her family needs answers. PLEASE if anyone knows something give this family peace......give them something they can tell her children. PLEASE!!!!
Sandra Metheny » 11:15am 01-01-2013
cmon people lets bring Melanie home
Bill M » 9:56pm 07-19-2012
Today is the 6th anniversary of Melanie's disappearance, and the mystery will continue as long as ONE basic contradiction in material witness testimony is allowed to go unchallenged. Put the two versions on the polygraph machine of who was in Melanie's van when Melanie stopped briefly to talk with a long time acquaintance, both sources are old enough to testify to the truth, and the truth will come out. Either the then 9 year old was in the van on Midland or she wasn't (before 8 AM, before the Day Care Center drop off)...This matters, the whole time line is screwed up by this discrepancy..and why KCSD is allowing this blatant contradiction to continue is beyond explanation. Melanie and her kids deserve better.
Dolly Russo » 11:57am 07-15-2012
Melanie Metheny, 21, a mother of three has not been seen or heard from since July 19th,2006. Melanie was last seen at approximately 8:00am after dropping her children off at a daycare in the vicinity of the 3000 block of E. Dupont Ave. in Belle, WV. Her vehicle, described as a gold 1998 Chevy Ventura minivan, was later located abandoned in the vicinity of Wyoming St. and Beuhring Ave. in Charleston, WV. Anyone with information regarding Melanie's whereabouts or disappearance is "URGED to call the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office at 304- 357-0169 nvestigative Case #: 71924 or contact CUE Center For Missing Persons at 910-343-1131 or the 24 Hour Tip Line 910 -232-1687
Sandra Metheny » 10:51am 07-22-2011
Please attend our facebook event u dont have to be present....we need all the help we can get......Thanks Sandra (Melanies grandmother)
Sandra Metheny » 10:51am 07-22-2011
Please attend our facebook event u dont have to be present....we need all the help we can get......Thanks Sandra (Melanies grandmother)
Bill Mann » 12:16am 06-23-2011
Given the amount of time Melanie spent the day before she disappeared- trying to get so-called friends to commit to spending that fateful day with her, given the fact that both of these ladies were strong armed into silence, who knows, maybe even the very day she disappeared, given the fact that her so-called boyfriend knew that by 6PM Melanie was missing, and given the fact that this same excuse for a significant other was either unavailable or refused to help look for her the evening she disappeared, given the fact that credible witnesses saw her van, if not her, at the Campbell's Creek apartment and on the West Side- the day she disappeared, given the fact that Melanie did not want to be alone, totally alone, the day she disappeared, it is no wonder she kept the 9-year old of the three children with her until the last possible moment. It all fits together. The only question to this day is why this nine year old refuses to step forward with the truth of what happened, if anything, between the Day Care Center and her grandma's place, and why this one on one time with Melanie, to this day, intimidates her into silence and worse. It appears that Melanie was stalked, and was the victim of either jealousy, vengeance, anger or bad debts called in. Too many people were involved with the cover-up of making Melanie disappear and making her van look like she abandoned it in West Charleston- too many people for this to have been a random act of violence or abuse. Whatever happened to Melanie was well planned, and whatever the 9 year old knows might or might not add information to what we already know. So I wish KCSD would just start over from the beginning, with fresh eyes and no "hands off" as to who they interview and/or interrogate. Melanie deserves much much better than what has been done so far .
BillM » 10:24pm 06-06-2011
Harley was 9, Melanie's two youngsters were too "young"to remember, but it is amazing what they are starting to and still remember from that fateful day that forever changed their young lives. Those children will soon be old enough to look people in the face and ask why are they saying things that aren't true...and people will really listen to Melanie's children when they begin to talk, very soon.
Rev » 6:24pm 05-30-2011
Harlie how old are you now? wasnt you like 3 when all that happened? How can you possibly remember anything?
Harlie Davis » 12:46am 04-18-2011
Okay, i was one of the last people to see melanie because she dropped me off at my Grammy's house . we came right from my house to grammys, and my dad didnt do ANYTHING to mel . infact , he loved her with everything he had . & STILL DOES , and i take it very offensive that you people , well some of you people can sit there and say that what I told the cops was coached to me , and that someone made me say what i said . I love melanie sooo much , she was like a second mom to me , and my dad loved the fact that i had her to help me and him . and she loved the fact that my dad was doing the same with ryan hannah and nathan . & me and my family are wishing where she is just as bad as anyone else , and i dont think people should be saying the things they are saying about my daddy and me . i think we all need to just get together and talk about it , and really see what the heck happend . this is tarring me apart seeing and hearing what people are saying about me and my daddy . ):
Blair » 6:26pm 04-17-2011
The best I can remember she dropped my niece off between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM. I was planning an outing to Water Ways that day with one of my best friends and her family and wanted to take my niece with me. Melanie seemed fine with that and even asked me if I needed her to run back to the apartment to get a bathing-suit for my niece. She didn't seem in a hurry only a little excited to be getting on with her nursing stuff.
Blair » 6:18pm 04-17-2011
I obviously don't feel comfortable telling ya'll who I am. I don't think that I would be received on here very well. At least, not by what I have seen on here already. I am Jarrett's youngest sister. I talked to Melanie when she dropped my niece off that morning at my mom's house. She told me that she had to go down to WVSUIT for some schooling stuff, something about her transcripts and classes. When she left my mom's with H and N in tow, she seemed like normal Melanie. That is all I know and that is the same information that I gave to the police.
angel from somewhere » 9:22am 04-16-2011
yes this is to blair , how are you? i was wondering if melanie mentioned just what her plans where that morning when you seen her or where did you see her?
Blair » 4:00am 04-12-2011
Today was the first time that the police ever talked to me since Melanie went missing. I don't know that I was able to give them any useful information, but maybe I did. The police have also and are talking to more people that I know. I am hoping that whatever new lead they are working on will lead us to closure.
One thing that we need to remember is that we don't know what happened to Melanie and accusing innocent people will not get us anywhere. We need to think about the last time we saw her, which for me was the morning of July 19th 2006.
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